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Where I am: Wales


I am once again living in my home country of Wales. If you have never visit Wales, you should! Wales is a beautiful country with some of the most friendly people you will find anywhere in the world. Click here to see some photos.

For many years Wales was known as the land of revivals and the land of song. From early in the 18th Century, Wales experienced a consistent series of revivals, with the last of these occurring in 1904. Unfortunately since then, decline in church attendance and closure of churches in Wales has been higher than in any other part of the UK.

Wales is still full chapel buildings, although many have been closed down and boarded up or converted to local business or family homes. Many of the congregations which still remain are small churches of 25 people or less. National weekly attendance of religious services is under 5% and of which only 3.5% are under-30s. This brings us to the sad reality that the children and youth who are now growing up in Wales are not being taught the Bible and are not going to church

Economic changes have also had a profound impact on Wales. The decline of the coal and slate industries led to much depopulation and depression in industrialized areas. These, coupled with the acceptance of a social gospel, have led to empty chapels and a spiritually hardened population. Pray for those church leaders and fellowships with a clear vision to witness and serve faithfully, many of them in hard and unreceptive areas.

However in recent years, pockets of growth have appeared, especially within evangelical congregations that both proclaim the gospel and demonstrate it through community involvement. Please pray with us that revival may come again and that the entire country will again sing the praises of Jesus.






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