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“Everybody – Everywhere loves food!” In my life I have had the privilege to travel to a number of different countries and experience different cultures. One of the things I really love to do is try new types of food and then if I enjoy them, try to replicate them when I return home

I started this recipe page when I lived in Germany as a lot of people back in the UK were asking me for some German cake recipes, since then it has evolved to include a number of different recipes from a number of different countries.

The recipes are all in different formats (cups, lbs and kgs) because I have picked them up from all over the world and many of the recipes are from locals who I have met. (If you don’t have any universal measuring equipment just using an online tool to convert them.)

I hope to improve this section of my website in the next year (2011), but for now you can find links to recipes on the right, I have added them as PDF, so you will need Adobe reader to view them, this can be download free if not all ready installed on your computer. I have placed a link for Adobe reader at the bottom of this page.



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Recipes from Germany


- Apple cake

- Black Forest cake

- Basic Chocolate cake

Warm Snacks

- Potatoe Pancakes

- Currywurst


- Quark Stollen

- Lebenkuchen