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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Photo Gallery section of my Website. For many years photography has been a great hobby of mine. We are placed on this earth to have an intimate relationship with the living Christ. However I have been learning that our goal in life is to love and see Him holistically in every area of our lives. 

An obstacle often found in believers is our idea of limiting God by refusing to see Him in places, people and things we are either not accustomed to or are uncomfortable with. As a result, God and "religious" things become compartmentalized in our minds and souls. Come church time, we retreat to the familiar spaces of prayer, singing, teaching, etc. We fail to search the deeper parts of our soul. Yet, David's Psalms summon us to worship the Lord with our entire lives, David worshiped God in the field as a shepard boy, on the battle field and while playing the harp.

The fundamentals of worship, of expressing love and reverent devotion to God. What makes the God of Christianity different from the deities of other faiths is His extremely personal interest in knowing us.

We can express though creative means our love, devotion and the truth of who we are. So please enjoy these photos, but also see them as worship to God. When you look at the nature, praise the Creator of this World andwhen you see the people, pray for them!

"In Christian worship, the congregation is not the audience; God is the audience."