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There is no great privilage then taken the message of Jesus into the world. I wanted to add some information here about some missions I have been involved with. If your interested in getting involved with missions, please just contact me.

European Relief Aid is a voluntary organization which started in 1985 which travels into Eastern Europe to provided social relief. I have been on two of these trips to Romania and have seen the great impact it has on the people there. For more information and to see photos, click here.

M18 - M18 is a ministry established in Brazil and its brought to Finland. The target is to reach people through arts and media. M18 stands for Matthew 18 and the parable of the lost sheep. The mission goal of M18 is 'to reach the one, whoever the one would be'. For more information and photos, click here.


Koinonia - Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship. The goal and vision for Koinonia is to allow young adults in the Merthyr area to meet, encourage, get to know one another and over all glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. To visit the Koinonia Website where you can find more information, watch videos, listen to past messages and more, click here.


Baby & Me / Baby Bear - Baby & Me is a Support organisation set up for young mums in Merthyr Tydfil. The Mascot of Baby & Me, is BabyBear. During each event BabyBear takes part in a new adventure. Past Events have included Babybear's picnic, BabyBear goes swimming and BabyBear Christmas story time, where a children's story book was created showing BabyBear searching for the greatest present in the whole wide world.



TEFL Outreach - TEFL stands for (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). While I was in Germany, one of the many things I discovered was how many people want to learn English. Teaching English is such a great tool for building relationships and share God's love. For more info and resources click here