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Edendorf is 5km from the municipal office in Bienenbuttel. The main road (Edendorfer StraBe) runs directly though the village and connects Alte Medien to Bienenbuttel. In the 1970's in the east of Edendorf the Elbe-Seiten-Kanal was built, as a result the village was split in two halves.

The settlement where Edendorf is today arose at the border between the low-lying lowlands in the north, with its meadows and pastures and the higher arable land in the south. In the north of the village, the mill stream flows and the 'Wohbeckgraben' in the south. Both rivers flow into the west course of Ilmenau.

Edendorf emerged as in the mid-19th Century precious farmland in the south of the village populated.In Independent farms started to settle outside their own land, this forming the structure of the village which stands today.

The name Edendorf is of all likelihood from the persons named EDOS "derived: EDOS village. In some historical documents Edendorf was also referred to as "Edinger", "Ähndorpp" or "Edendorppe.

There are still families living in Edendorf which can trace their familes presence in the village back until the 13th Century.

Some events from this year were a Crop circle which still no-one knows where it came from and also the 100 year celebration of the fire force.



Facts about Bad Bevensen

Foundation 1860
Landmark Pub / Backery
Geographic 10° 33´30´´ eastern longitude, 52° 58´ northern latitude
Nearest city Lüneburg (17 km)
Population 330
(331 including me)
Transport , federal roads, Canal
Local features  heath potatoes, farm land, Canal, Bronze age grave site.
Postal Code 29549