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Bienenbuttel as it is know today was extabilished in 1972, when local villiages joined together, it is also for this reason the only free region within the district of Uelzen. However before the unity community being formed there had long been people living in the area. Archaeological finds are calculated by experts to date back to around 8000 BC.

Several villages for example Hohenbostel, between Hohnstorf and Wichmannsburg testify to a settlement in the Bronze Age. Approximately 1.2 km south of Edendorf there is a large stone grave (grave mound). Riester was founded in 1890 when a grave facility with about 1,000 urns from the time of the Lombards found.

Bienenbuttel itself has a documented history of 1000 year.

The history of the church in Bienenbuttel is up to the beginnings of the 13th Century not substantiated. There is a presumption that it's like in other places was a simple chapel. Bienenbuttel community initially belonged to the baptistery in Bevensen, which was founded around 840. The church organization has developed further. 1288 is the first time a reference to the church in Bienenbuttel.

The church since 1967, is a kindergarten attached, which currently about 100 children from eight skilled care. A new kindergarten building was built in 1991 at the rectory terrain. The strong influx of young families, the establishment of an additional kindergarten required.

In the summer months the most popular place is the Waldbad. The Waldbad is an outdoor swimming complex that has Swimmers / non-pool pool with 50-meter slide, 23 degrees heated children's pool, bistro, lawn, swimming, 40-meter pool, diving tower, mud playground, beach volleyball, football field and really nice ice-cream.




Facts about Bienenbuttel

Foundation 1972
Landmark Waldbad
District Uelzen
Nearest city Lüneburg (13 km)
Population 6756
(not including vistor and hoilday makers)
Population density 68 per km
Transport, federal roads, Deutsche Bahn AG and metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH
Local features, Waldbad, Bahnhof, heath potatoes, kayak centre
Postal Code 29553