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Bad Bevensen:    

The city was already known in 763 AD as a rest stop traveling merchants. In 830 AD the wooden church was already built. Bad bevensen Occasionally served the stains as a fortress against the Slavs.

In 1847 Bevensen was an important rail link connecting Hanover - Hamburg.

Since 1929 the city has Bevensen has been recognized as today. It make a large portion of it's income from the source of the spa, founded in 1964, when oil wells were found in the city and sold.
Since 1976 Bevensen become Bad Bevensen after the state recognition as a mineral spa "bath"(Bad) in the name. In addition, since then Bad Bevensen has developed as a spa. Numerous hospitals and health facilities have been located and offer their expertise on areas for rural structure specialized services. Examples are here including the Heart and Vascular Center (HGZ), the Diana clinics 1, 2 and 3, CADUCEUS Clinic Hospital and the Lüneburg Heath.

The Result of the natural Spa and Clinics have made Bad Bevensen a popular hotel resort, with many visitors from all over Europe.



Facts about Bad Bevensen

Foundation before 763
Landmark Spas
Geographic 10° 33´30´´ eastern longitude, 52° 58´ northern latitude
Nearest city Lüneburg (25 km)
Population 8786
(not including vistor and hoilday makers)
Population density 183 per km
Transport , federal roads, Deutsche Bahn AG and metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH
Local features spa's, heath, heath potatoes, asparagus, Health centres
Postal Code 29549