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About me:

Hi, I am Jon Dyer, I am 27 years old and from Wales in the UK. It is a little hard to write about myself, and know exactly what to say. Basically I am just a normal guy, but with an extraordinary God. He is the first and foremost in my life, and everything else rotates around him.

I was speaking recently at a church about how people in the past believe that the earth was flat and that the earth was the centre of the Universe and everything rotated around it. Without the earth rotating around the Sun the way it does, there would be no life on earth, no season, no ... well no.. nothing.

So often we can live our lives, also in the belief that we are the centre of everything, and that everything should rotate around us. This is the biggest lesson I have learned in my life. God is the centre of it. The Earth follows the route in which the Sun holds its. I follow the route in which God holds me. Everyday is an adventure, and this is the way I love it. I have really had such an adventure in life so far, and so many amazing experiences, maybe one day when I get a chance I shall try to write them all down, and then I shall upload them.

My home church is 'Park Baptist Church' in Merthyr Tydfil. I have attended this church from Birth and I am really grateful for all the people who have invested in me and the opportunities I have been given to serve and learn.

A Fundamental changing point in my life was meeting a dear friend of mine, Pio Carvalho and him inviting me to travel to Brazil and visit his church Comunhão Cristã ABBA in 2001. Through the church in Brazil, God radically changed my life, forming me into the person I am today.

Since then God has led me back to Brazil on other occasions as well as all over Europe.

My Greatest passion is helping the church get equipped to fulfil it's God given purpose in our generation!





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